Hungary Live

Tap Into Our Living Culture

Learn about the current theatrical and cinema premiéres, concerts and the latest novels with the help of our interactive programs that are based on streaming technology.

Ask the artists about their work, their motivations and goals with the help of a moderator from the comfort of your home or in your community center surrounded by your local Hungarian community.

Take part in colorful reader-author meetings, watch clips. Be part of the vibrant cultural life. of Hungary.

Look for the latest Hungarian language shows in our Unicum Hungaricum programs.

Our National Heritage Is Yours

Learn about the cultural and historical heritage of our nation with the help of interactive video presentations on TLT.

Meet renowned presenters, historians, researchers and artists who know our literary, musical and artistical treasures.

Ask and shape the course of the presentation. This is how regular TV shows and TLT are different.

Look for the latest Hungarian language shows in our "Leave it to your son" programs.

Hungarian lessons from Hungarians

Enter one of our virtual classrooms and learn from the best Hungarian teachers from your home. Be part of our language learning community or build your own community using TlT's creative online education platform.

Take part in live video lessons in our virtual classrooms and acquire standard and colloquial Hungarian. As a first, second or third generation Hungarian abroad, learn our language from your home.

Look for the best Hungarian lessons in our "A nation lives in its language" program.

Your Family History Digitally Recorded

Our lives are unique stories intertwined throughout the generations in our families. What do we pass on of all that knowledge and history to our children?

We carry out genealogical research for you and combine it with in-depth personal interviews, and record it digitally in HD quality. All of it is complemented with video footages, publications to show the history of your family all through the generations.

Your most valuable heritage to your children is your lfe experience and your family history.

More details on  Family Story In History .

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